3 Tips Write a Professional Resume Template

Professional Resume Template

Every job seeker is required to write resume templates. A professional resume template is necessary to seek the best job deal. There will be some criteria to write the best resume template for job seekers. What are they? 

What Is a Resume Template? 

A resume is a one-page document showing off your qualifications and measuring your experience when you apply for a job. Meanwhile, a professional resume template is a guide and structural design that is often used by people to make a resume. A graphic designer makes an eye-catching resume template to make it readable. They show a different layout combination, format, and features. It highlights your skills, experiences, and professional goals. 

Considerations to Write Professional Resume Template 

When you want to write a resume, you should cheat the format of a professional resume template. It is helpful to select the best resume template. 

Layout Option 

A resume layout represents a physical structure and visual interest. It has some options to choose from when you make a decision. You can consider three layout options for making a senior graphic designer template


A traditional resume template layout is conventional. It usually shows off a standard font. It usually has one color without a border or graphic. It has one column only showing the applicant’s name and basic information details on the header. 


A creative resume template is expressive and brave. It tends to show off a column, diagram, pattern, border, photo applicant, and colorful graphic. In addition, the creative resume template uses some kinds of fonts and font sizes. This template shows the job givers to your personality and creativity. It is suitable for people working in art and design skills. 

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It eases you to combine layout concepts creatively and traditionally. It aims at being readable. It often shows two columns separating the basic information details and visual information. 

Template Formatting Option 

Template formatting refers to visual structure and orders on your resume part. The chosen format depends on your goal and writing your resume. You can meet your different format needs. 

Resume Format 

There will be three resume formats to imitate. Those are functional, chronological, and combination. Those help you to decide the right format for job seekers. Chronological is the most common resume format for a low entry job seeker. Meanwhile, a functional format tends to be more suitable for artistic jobs. Then, a combination is made of high job seekers. Those are some criteria to write a professional resume template

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